Brisbane Tennis


Here is nick at the tennis. Al, vas, nick and I all headed down on Monday to see the start of the Brisbane tennis open. For thirty bucks it was a pretty good deal I have to say. Seats had a good view saw some decent tennis. Only down side was the beer was pretty expensive.

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First of the summer harvest



Well it feels like a long time coming. I feel like with all this sun and heat that the tomatoes would just start raining.  But anyways they are finally starting to appear now.

The only other concern at the moment is the chilies.  Their leaves are going a bit funny. Almost a bit plastically. Going to keep an eye on them.

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Before it went wild


Before the tomatos went crazy, I’ve been forgetting to pinch the tops so they have continued to grow and grow. Just waiting for the harvest now. Thanks to dad and Vijayan for their help in getting them going. I’ll put a few of the chillies up here as well.

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a different kind of christmas

A different christmas for vas and I this year, for two reasons really, well two and a half. it was vas’s first Christmas in Australia (her first hot christmas), it was our first christmas together and it was our first christmas camping. Last year i spent christmas at the cousins house in West End. However this year it is under renovation well at least was meant to be under renovation so we headed down to Flanagen Reserve in Souther Queensland, Gold Coast hinterland for three days. it is a great little camp ground right in front of Mount maroon . It is dog friendly so betty and totty were there along with all the cousins which is always great. totty loves to be part of everything and betty has no other care other than being in the creek and chewing on rocks.

The ozwins are profi campers so by the time we turned up they already had the camper trailer all set up and a seating dining area waiting for us. I had a go with Freddie and jasper setting up our new tent. This is a serious tent, big enough for Vas and almost me to stand up in. Defiantly was worth investing in and an upgrade on my old tent, mainly because we can fit the double air bed in this one. Make ssuch a difference in the sleeping. except when i move so does vas.

Anyways all very chilled, had lovely lamb chops and legs along with masses of cheese, schrimps, cous cous and other veg for christmas lunch plus plenty of vino.


Anyways here are a few pic from the trip


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Mum and Dad visiting part two

Mum and dad came for a quick visit on their way back from their south pacific cruise. No exciting adventures per see but we had a couple of lovely meals at home and a great meal out last night at the Gunshop Cafe in West End and then went down to the Sling for some drinks with Hen and Clare.

The Gunshop was budget breaking for the four of us but was delious, we were all pretty predictable and had the veal which wasn’t veal like the schniztel that we are used to back in switz  but very rare tender young calf. It was delious none the less though.  They also had a great courgette flower with a pumpkin stuff which was very flavoursome.  Interestingly they also heat/shallow fry their olives before serving them to you. Makes them very juicy.   The Sling was also a bit of a surprise as it actually opens up into this huge covered outdoor/indoor seating area at the back with this lovely plants and tropics theme. Their menu for drinks was pretyt thick as well!

So a nice chilled out time. we also had the Nile perch for supper, but this time in a ncie white wine sauce.

Anyways here we are in front of the christmas tree.

Rocking around the Christmas Tree

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Garden is taking off


A small snap shot of the garden in action. In a couple of months we will be inundated with tomoatos, eggplant and chillies with any luck.

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Getting into the mood


Certainly different from last year with vas here now. Much more festive. We now have our tree adimiatty artificial but adding a bit of festive spirit to the place.

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